Already insured? This card may still offer you a cheaper discounted retail purchase price, versus your insurance’s co-payment amount.

Always remember to provide your Discount Prescription Card along with your regular insurance card every time you fill a prescription.

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Ask the pharmacist to compare the two purchase prices. Select whichever method of payment is cheapest. It’s that easy to USE & SAVE!

How to use the card

Carry your Discount Prescription Card with you every time you visit the pharmacy to fill a prescription. You’ll be surprised at how often your Discount Prescription Card makes the medications you need more affordable to purchase.


Shop the prices

Use our medication price search tool and enter your zip code and desired medication to compare drug pricing at participating pharmacies in your area


Find the Pharmacy

Call 888.670.0039 to speak to a customer service representative or use our online pharmacy locator to research participating pharmacies in your area.


Carry both cards

Present your insurance & discount pharmacy card to the pharmacist at check out. Use the cheapest method of purchase. You can have the pharmacist call the number on the back of your card to verify your discounted price.

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