"The doctor called me back within 20 minutes—I was picking up my prescription within the hour!" Glenn suffered from symptoms of bronchitis late one Saturday night. He went online and registered. Within 20 minutes a doctor called him back, phoning a Z-pack prescription to a nearby Costco for pick-up. His cost: $0. His savings: $197 (The cost of an urgent care visit)
Saved the cost of an urgent care visit!Glenn D.—Las Vegas, NV
"I have personally used Teladoc several times. Not only has this service saved me time, but money! I speak to a doctor and get the help I need right away! And I have used the Dental Benefit as well which has saved me personally over $1,000. I love this product." Middle-aged, swamped business executive—No time to take off work! She finds the Teladoc program to be convenient and efficient way to address her medical needs. Using the medical consult three times since enrolling in October 2006, she was thrilled at having her calls returned by a physician within 30 minutes.  
Saved over $1000!Paco S. —Walker, LA


"My husband and I have good health insurance but I thought I would give the discount pharmacy a try. To my surprise a medication that I take which typically costs me $30 with my co-pay now costs me $19 with the discount pharmacy card. It is a great tool to help me save money!"  
Saves 37% on prescription medication!Holly B.—Chicago, IL
"Monthly medications usually cost around $800. With the free discount pharmacy card those same medications now cost me $600...I save $200 every month!"  
Saves $200 every month!Naomi L. —Grabill, IN
"I was taking a very expensive medication which cost me $437 each time I had it filled. Using the discount pharmacy card that same drug now costs me $17.10. What a lifesaver!"  
Saves 96% on high cost medication!Judy L.—Greenwood, MO
"It gives me peace of mind to know there really is help out there." Suzanne purchased migraine medication Fiorecet with an average retail price of $65. Her cost: $18 Her discount: $47 Her savings:72%!  
Saves 72% on medication!Suzanne K.—Las Vegas, NV


Buddy and Sassy Ross are huge fans of the DBS Discount Dental Plan and have enjoyed tremendous savings. “The first time we used the benefit was when Buddy had to have three (3) crowns done. We saved $1800. I (Sassy) recently had to have a crown redone. Without DBS, it would have cost $1188; with DBS, I paid $680. That savings alone pays for three years subscribing to the DBS Premium + plan. And, it’s so easy to look up and find providers online. Buddy saved 10% on his eye appointment and 25% on his eye glasses. We also have used the Teladoc system and loved it. No consult fee and they took the time to ask you lots of questions.”  
We saved $1800 on Dental Care!Buddy and Sassy Ross, New Braunfels, TX


"We already have insurance coverage and I still saved over $500 with my discount card when I purchased a pair of prescription sunglasses and an eye exam at Costco."  
Saved over $500 on eye care and eyewear!Rosemarie & Kenneth C. — Las Vegas, NV
"I don't have vision insurance, so I used my discount benefits card to purchase a new pair of glasses. The retail price of glasses was $519.95. My membership discount price was $363.96. I saved $155.99."  
Saved $155.99 on eyeglasses!Richard B.—Dallas, TX
"I love coast-to-coast vision. For my son's eyeglasses, I saved 55% the first time I used the benefit and 60% the second time. I also use the mail-order contacts program. I am saving an additional 45% than when I used to buy them online."  
Saves the 60% on eyeglasses and 45% on contact lenses!Jessica G.—Dallas, TX